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over 9 years ago

Apps due March 4 at noon GMT/5PM ET

It's down to the wire for the Traffic Tamer App Challenge!

Submissions are due by noon GMT (5 p.m. ET) tomorrow, March 4, 2014.

International participants: don't forget to check what time that is in your cityWe'd hate to see you miss the deadline because of time-zone confusion.

Today's to-dos:

  1. Save your application as a draft now. (Waiting until the last minute may make you more prone to making mistakes, leaving something out, or forgetting an important piece of information.)
  2. Upload your video to YouTube/Vimeo ASAP. (Video processing on YouTube/Vimeo could take up to an hour or more.)
  3. Run through the submission checklist.

You’ve worked so hard on building your app — don’t let a minor detail get in the way of a successful submission.

Good luck!